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Artist submissions are now open for Auckland Council's Music in Parks 2015 summer series.

From January through to the end of March free concerts will be held in our community parks and reserves throughout the entire Auckland region.

Our gigs can be large, intimate and anywhere in between. We stage them from Rodney down to Franklin and whilst we cannot offer epic fees, we can offer a feel good factor. You also have the chance to win over some new fans and have a good time on a summer's afternoon.

We are actively looking for established and upcoming artists across a range of genres and sub-genres from rock, blues, pop and country to jazz, big band, swing and vintage sounds.

Each season we receive a large number of applications, so your patience is appreciated. We consider each submission and if you are not selected it is in no way representative of your talents; we can only programme a limited number of acts. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time and effort to apply.

We will contact all artists that have been accepted to perform at Music in Parks 2015. The closing date for submissions is 10 October 2014.

To submit your details please complete this form.